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Map and Write Your Own Book In 90 Days With A Clear Step By Step Plan


Imagine how much faster you’ll grow when you’re surrounded by hundreds of people writing a book, and every step of the way is shared. 

Most people believe that to get to where you want to go, you have to invest thousands of dollars, but the truth is, the real culprit is not having a proper framework to get you from a blank page to a completed manuscript. What’s holding you back is that you don’t know how to make that happen. I’m going to help you write your dream book from start to finish.


Which one of these applies to you?

Say Bye To Blinking Cursor Syndrome!

You attempt to write your book, but you never seem to get any headway, so in return, you feel awkward.

A powerful story lives inside you, but you aren’t sure how to get it out of your mind and down on paper.

You have a massive file of templates, free PDFs, and hours of Youtube videos watched, yet you still feel confused.

When you look at other writers/speakers, you dream and imagine this being your life but aren’t sure how to craft your personalized story.

As you open up a document to write, the blinking cursor is all you get after sitting down for hours.

You have hundreds of phrases and ideas written down, but you lack the structure and organization to finish your book.

If you have felt a desire and passion for writing your own book, you already have what it takes within you to make that happen.

As you already know, the free downloads, hours of Youtube videos, and templates haven’t gotten you anywhere while you pursue your dream of being an author.

The last thing you want to rely on is an unreliable, free, or step-by-step process that doesn’t yield results in getting your idea written from start to finish. 

Don’t be upset. It’s not your fault!

No one can be the best at everything, but anyone can be great at one thing; yes, you too!

Utilizing a five-step framework for eight weeks seems like a pretty straightforward solution, doesn’t it?

In Legacy Story Academy, you will get the exact framework to make that happen. 



Legacy Story Academy (LSA) isn’t just another manuscript writing course.

It’s an 8-week accountability transformation that will turn you into an influential writer in a 26-billion-dollar industry.

I’m Ready To Write my Book In 90 Days!


Receive the five-step process you’ve been scouring the internet to beat blinking cursor syndrome.


Gain the clarity to write your book from blank page to a finished manuscript.


Write with confidence and recognize your limiting beliefs and fears, including intimidation, confusion, and frustration.


Turn your unfinished manuscript into a smooth flowing book with a story that inspires and empowers your audience.

"Erin is an incredibly gifted writer, storyteller, strategist and mentor."

"She truly knows how to guide leaders to uncover the message they need to share and get it out into the world in the most effective and impactful way. If you know it’s time to finally write your book, Erin will be the most valuable guide on your journey!"


Founder of Soulscripts, NYT Best-selling author of Own Your Everyday and Embrace Your Almost

Take a look at what you get when you join LSA

Unlock the Power of Your Unique Voice

Determine how much you should share, learn how trust yourself, and get the qualified, supportive wisdom you need to write your story.


Discover How To Use My Proven 5-Step Process To Uncover The Moral Of Your Story

Mine the gold out of your personal story to effectively teach and inspire your audience.


The Sneaky Strategy To Designing Your Book

Before you write, ask yourself the right questions to dream, map and organize your book.


What Authors Don’t Tell You About Writing A Book From Start To Finish

Determine what is best for your unique situation and implement a step-by-step guide to craft your book.


The Secret To Making The Most Of Your Writing Experience

Set and hit writing goals, achieve optimal workflow, maximize your energy and creativity, and get the results you want.


Time Leadership

Implement Erin’s exact time investment strategy to build and execute on your goals and get your book done in 90 days or less. 


Your Path to Publishing

Go from “How do I get a book published?” to “I’m ready for editing, designing, and printing phases.”


Closing Session Q&A

Share highlights of your experience and reflect on your learning as you celebrate your progress in the program. 

Analytical Thought Process™ (ATP) is my signature method for analyzing your story and “mining the gold” you will use to tell it powerfully and for maximum impact.

Other programs are going to show you how to outline, and format, but they do not teach you how to uncover the theme threads and moral of your story—the bigger, overarching life lessons you will weave into your book or speaking project—that’s what makes this live group coaching program totally different than anything you’ll find on the market. 


"I knew Erin would be the best person to learn from."


Hear From Past Students:

"I feel so much more comfortable with the process and confident."

suzanne v.

I’m Ready To Write A Complete Manuscript.

LSA it shows you how to get the results of finishing a complete manuscript you desire. It’s not a free template, Youtube video, or DIY downloadable. 

It’s a power-packed investment in yourself to share your story that pays huge dividends for your future and legacy.

An investment that will pay you back year after year....

...for the rest of your life. 

You can make a difference in the world… with a complete written book that lets you live the life you want and inspire thousands along the way.

That’s what you want, isn’t it?!

How Much Is My Investment?

LSA is valued at $47,890 to take you from blank page to a complete written manuscript that connects and inspires thousands.

When you weigh doing nothing or making an investment and what it will do for you and your future, you know this is an easy choice.

I’m committed to making LSA accessible and possible for the stay-at-home parent, corporate employee, or hobbyist to access the information that took me from teacher turned 7-figure entrepreneur.

Because you are reading this, you’re getting an exclusive offer: $1,497 in full or three payments of $547.

A 1:1 coaching session to narrow down and plan your book through my custom ATP formula is usually $10,000.


In the last 7 years, I’ve written thirteen books, including a #1 best-selling series, that have grossed over $9 million. I’ve spoken to hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

You might have also seen me featured by major media outlets like CBS and ESPN or creating visibility online and in-person through event speaking.

I have taught on various topics throughout the years: beauty, identity, purpose, and leadership. Although the topics were many, they didn’t matter. 

Whatever topic at hand, I learned how to map, outline, and write the powerful, high-impact resources that launched my credibility and positioned me as a leader/expert in the industry.

Erin Here!

Within my multiple publications and manuscripts, I follow the same writing process outlined through Legacy Story Academy – which leaves plenty of space for you to creatively amplify your own voice and message to impact thousands.  
You know you want to write a great book quickly, one which stands out like a light in the darkness.

Writing your legacy story is your next step, and it’s my goal to help you along the way.

"Working with Erin to map my book was an absolute game changer."

"Her process for helping me craft the right message, discover the themes and takeaways for each chapter, and include the most powerful elements of my personal story was a complete winning combination. If you want to separate yourself and take your message to the highest level, you absolutely need to work with her."

Steve Weatherford

Superbowl Champion, 2x NFL’s Fittest ManFormer and author of Wake Up, Champion: Your Game Plan to Get Clear, Get Growth, and Go Pro in Life

Complete Your Manuscript In Less Than 90 Days!

5 value-packed Trainings $25,000 value

Bonus Training: Time Leadership $7,500 Value

Bonus Training: Your Path to Publishing $5,000 Value

Worksheets, Templates, And Printable Resources $1,500 Value

Live Weekly Coaching Calls (8) $6,000 Value

Bonus Training: Knock Out Your 60 Day Marketing Plan by Jordan Lee Dooley $1,995 Value

total value:


Enroll In Legacy Story Academy



/ per month for 3 months


pay in full


pay in full



Bonus Training: The Key to Writing with Confidence by Amanda Pittman $495 Value

Bonus Training: Writing Schedule & Write, Publish, Sell Checklist by Karolyn Roberts $500 Value

I Have Extra Goodies For You!

The 8 self-paced modules of LSA will completely transform the way you approach writing and completing your manuscript, but that’s only the beginning.

When you join LSA, you also get four massive bonus live trainings to make your progress even faster and success even easier! Starting with…

Bonus Training 1: Time Leadership

Change from “I don’t have time to write this book” to “I have my map and outline, and I’m ready to go!

✓ You will learn the step-by-step process to own the time you’ve been given and schedule the hours you need to finish the book!

✓ Maximize your time through the time investment strategy to successfully get your book done in 90 days or less.


Bonus Training 2: Your Path to Publishing

Go from “How do I get a book published?” to “I’m ready for editing, designing, and printing phases.”

✓ Create the printed and digital offerings you can sell and scale.

✓ Choose a path that works for you, whether finding an agent, securing a deal, or DIY.


When you join LSA, you also get must-have bonuses with industry leading experts!

Jordan Lee Dooley

Knock Out Your 60 Day Marketing Plan 

2x National Bestselling Author of Own Your Everyday and Embrace Your Almost, Founder of Soulscripts and The Own It Academy

 Implement Jordan’s exact launch strategy & develop and execute the best plan to promote and sell your book. 

bonus training:

Amanda Pittman

7 Steps to Writing with Confidence 

Founder, Confident Woman Co., Bestselling Author of Stand in Confidence 

Get Amanda’s step-by-step framework for letting go of limiting beliefs and writing your book with clarity, conviction, and confidence.

bonus training:

Karolyne Roberts

Writing Schedule & Write, Publish, Sell Checklist

Bestselling Author, Founder of Luminous Publishing and the Writer’s Retreat

Steal Karolyne’s process for carving out the time you need to get your book done PLUS your go-to resource to get your book finished, published, and successfully brought to market. 

bonus training:

When you join the LSA, you’re getting exclusive access to my step-by-step framework!

ATP is my signature process for personal story analysis. You can’t find it taught anywhere else! Plus, you’re getting private access to ask me questions and pick my brain…LIVE!

"As a story mapping consultant, Erin is at the top of her game."

 "She’s knowledgeable, dedicated, and thorough in her approach. She’ll help you bring the most benefit to your audience for the maximum results. Highly recommended."

Marcus Brotherton 

New York Times Bestselling Author

So, What Is Included In Legacy Story Academy?

We're going to help you write your dream book from start to finish.

That makes EVERYTHING ABOVE worth well over $40,000

($47,890 to be exact)

5 value-packed Trainings $25,000 value

Bonus Training: Time Leadership $7,500 Value

Bonus Training: Your Path to Publishing $5,000 Value

Worksheets, Templates, And Printable Resources $1,500 Value

Live Weekly Coaching Calls (8) $6,000 Value

Bonus Training: Knock Out Your 60 Day Marketing Plan by Jordan Lee Dooley $1,995 Value

Bonus Training: The Key to Writing with Confidence by Amanda Pittman $495 Value

Bonus Training: Writing Schedule & Write, Publish, Sell Checklist by Karolyn Roberts $500 Value

It’s Time To Make One Of Two Choices

the choice

If you’ve tried or attempted to write an entire book in the past and struggled, you were probably making the most common mistake without realizing it.

Looking in the wrong places, spending hours on the internet, feeling frustrated, and possibly doing nothing.

If you are really serious about writing an entire book from start to finish, you have to make one of two choices.

You can either do what you have done in the past and sit with blinking curser syndrome or join us in LSA and have the step-by-step implementable tools to go from a blank screen to publish.

Simply click the button below, and we will be waiting for you on the other side!

Enroll in LSA Now

Frequently Asked Questions

LSA is for creatives, influencers, and entrepreneurs ready to write the book that will build and grow a profitable business.

This program is for you if: 
  • You have dreams of writing a book, but you aren’t sure what to commit to getting to the next level personally and professionally. 
  • You want to reinvent yourself or pivot your career, but you need directional mentorship and training. 
  • You need expert guidance for organizing, writing, and marketing your offer to boost your business. 
  • You desire to make more money, impact, and live with more significance as you empower others with your story, wisdom, and expertise.
  • If you’ve hit a plateau or can’t overcome your fears of moving forward, this program will give you the inspiration and tools you need to rise above your challenges. 
  • It’s not easy to write a book or build a successful business around it — and no one should tell you it is!

That doesn’t mean you can’t do precisely that and reap the rewards for years. I’ve been exactly where you are, and I created LSA to help you succeed in your writing life and career.

Yes! All LSA members will receive 8 weeks of live calls with me as well as the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback on their book projects. 
LSA will give you the exact tools you need to successfully complete your manuscript. You will:

01. Learn how to unlock your unique inner voice

02. Discover how to use the 5-step process to uncover the moral of your story

03. How to design your own book and how to make the most of your writing from start to finish
Whether you’re a growth-minded creative still refining your idea or you already have a business you want to plug this book into, this course is for you. Here’s why: 

First, you’ll learn to think like a writer and avoid the costly mistakes many of us make when launching our first book or business. 

Second, now more than ever, you need to start believing and behaving like an entrepreneur if you want to make it onto the best-seller list. Understanding how to communicate effectively and leverage your gifts in the ever-evolving marketplace will ensure that you stand out, stay relevant and be in high demand in your sphere of influence. 

Third, I’ve created a bonus program for you called Your Path to Publishing, which helps you understand the different decisions you can make to print, market, and sell your book product. This bonus course is for anyone who wants to move past publishing and start, grow, and scale a business. 
You can save $144 by paying in full for $1,497, or enroll in the three monthly payments of $547.
Unlike other programs out there that only teach you the basics to plugging in material for your book, in LSA you will learn my signature ATP formula to mine the gold out of your story to fully understand the highest impacting parts of it that will allow you to create a book that inspires and encourages people around the world.

Enroll In Legacy Story Academy



/ per month for 3 months


pay in full


pay in full



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