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Hi! I'm Erin.

From classroom teacher with no connections to co-founder of a multimillion-dollar publishing company serving people worldwide, I love helping others leverage their stories for a life of impact and good.

I’m a wife to Brent and mama to 2 (soon to be 3!) amazing kids.

I’m here to support you with tools + resources to intentionally create and execute your mission in life, family, and business.  While I hope to give you the encouragement and support you need, I’m also showing you the practical steps to create a life-giving, high-impact business that inspires you and others daily. 

I am glad you’re here!

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The Full Story

I started my career in publishing in a very unconventional way. 

I was a full-time middle school teacher when I had the idea for a children’s series to connect girls to the women of Scripture. Fresh out of my final cancer diagnosis (I battled it for five years and beat it, but that’s a totally different story!), newly married and starting down the traditional publishing path, I had no clue there was another way to get my book baby out into the world….

The traditional publishing route was not going to work for what Brent and I knew the world needed. We had to venture out on our own and do things differently.

We started with no experience. No connections.

No path forward.

When I say we built this thing from ‘below ground’ up, that’s exactly what we did. And here we are, years later, running a multimillion-dollar company and touching lives worldwide. 

We became parents as we built our companies, presenting a whole new set of challenges. We had our first daughter in 2014, and I learned how to be a loving, present mama while I worked my full-time teaching job and built our business on the side. I was stretched very thin in that season. I hit my it’s-time-for-risk-and-danger moment in 2016 when my husband challenged me to quit my teaching job (which was our only source of income) and give my all to pursue this work. 

After God showed up in the big and miraculous way that only He can, I walked into my principal’s office, quit my job, and dove headfirst into the world of entrepreneurship. 

Learning how to leverage my gifts, flex my creative muscle, and maximize my time has made all the difference. 

I hustled to book speaking gigs (you don’t even want to know how many churches I cold-called!). At the same time, we wrote our first complete set of Bible Belles children’s books. That same year, we launched the Heroes For Her Podcast, and I began traveling the country as a speaker for notable organizations like World Vision, Food for the Hungry, and Air1 Radio. 

Then something in my heart began to stir, and Brent and I both knew we were meant to pivot.

In April 2019, we launched Truth Becomes Her, a mentorship platform for adult women who want to train the next generation of female leaders.

I stepped into a new season of helping moms and mentors raise girls who know their value, live on purpose, and own their influence so they can impact this world for good.

Our second daughter arrived in 2020, a surprise baby who made her debut right in the middle of our adoption journey (which we are still on!). 

And now, I work and school our girls at home and create content for our business, podcast, and blog. I also work with influencers, athletes, celebrities, writers, and speakers to provide the roadmap they need for compelling storytelling to impact their audiences. It’s the best!

Wherever you find yourself, I want to help you find life’s ‘sweet spot,’ where your passion and purpose meet your God-given potential.


Download the exact guide I used to create and publish all thirteen of my books and deliver keynotes and presentations!

There’s a chance you want to write your book or share your life with a live audience.  If so, this is your go-to guide to analyze your story and ‘mine the gold’ you will use to powerfully tell it. Did you know having an easy-to-use method to leverage your personal story to write or speak will increase your confidence + ability to actually DO it?


→ Show you how to organize what you’ve gone through
Identify the powerful language you can use
→ Share your experience, life lessons, and inspiration with others with confidence
Step by step process for personal story analysis 
Practical examples of how to use your personal story now

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