I never expected to be told I had cancer. I was 26, a former college athlete, living life selfishly and at about a hundred miles an hour. I remember thinking Yeah, right. I don’t have time for this. There’s just no way.

I spent the next five years battling it and learning to survive. Since then it’s been about carrying on with it forever as part of my history.

This April marks TEN YEARS since that first diagnosis, and the healing and transformation I have experienced are absolutely incredible. I didn’t realize it at the time, but that test would become one of the most cherished blessings of my entire life. It was the turning point: the season when God pulled me out of despair and showed me that there was a destiny. 

Without a test, there is no testimony


Think about a test you’ve experienced in your own life? How did it become part of your testimony?

AUTHOR: Erin Weidemann
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