Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth; 

keep watch over the door of my lips! 

 Psalm 141:3

On the long list of bible verses I wish I would have known growing up, this one’s pretty close to the top. My big mouth has put me into hot water more times than I can remember and not because of its size; it’s because of the rude and obnoxious content that came spewing out, leaving in its path confused looks and hurt feelings.

Talking about people behind their back. What fun. What a release of pressure. What a way to feel better about myself. I know. I’ll just rip on someone else. I’ll get together with a few other people and talk about somebody who isn’t there. Yeah, that’ll be really helpful.

The trouble is that a lot of the time it isn’t a conscious decision. Girls get together for some regular hang out time and pretty soon it’s just naturally worked its way into our conversations. “She’s so…” and “Can you believe her?” and “What’s that all about?” and I could go on forever.

It’s ugly. It’s mean and, worse, it’s an accepted form of community, especially in Girl World.

What’s the solution? Shutting up? Not likely. Girls talk. It’s what we do. Only it’s time to fill our mouths with truth and love and hope for people. If there were ever a time to commit to prayer to change the narrative for girls, it’s right now.

Can we do it soon please, before my daughter gets big enough to stand in that circle and listen to it? Or worse, that she decides she’ll be a part of it?

Dear Lord,

I love my girl. Please help her to be better at this than I was. Than I am. Please fill her heart with peace about who she is so that when she encounters gossip, she would be strong enough to fill her mouth with prayer instead.

AUTHOR: Erin Weidemann
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